Yes, more or less. But it depends what you want to do. There are a bunch of storages for ZODB, some maintained better than others. Whenever a question like this comes up, it usually turns out that people want to use a relational database with a single well-defined rectangular schema to store all Zope object data transparently, because they want to use ad-hoc queries against the data. This is hard, because objects don't necessarily have a schema that fits well into a table model, so the transparency goes away. But people have taken stabs at it (e.g. Shane Hathaway's APE). OracleStorage, OTOH, does indeed store ZODB data in Oracle, but it stores it in pickles, so it can't really be queried very effectively.

All of the ZODB things that you see for Zope 2 apply to Zope 3 as well, so you might want to search for "ZODB/ZEO programming guide", or "ZODB howto".

- C

On Mar 3, 2006, at 5:48 AM, Reinhold Strobl wrote:


in the book "Web component development with ZopeX3" by Philipp von Weitershausen
on page 72 I find the following statement:

"The ZODB can store persistency data in many ways. The most common storage is FileStorage which stores data in a file usally called Data.fs By using a different storage backend, you can choose where and how you would like to store persistent objects. ZODB even supports a network storage system calles ZEO...."

So I expect, ZODB is only a front-end for different ways of storage like file,
oracle db, isn't it?
If yes, I would like not to change the code (of persistent class) to change to
another storage way, is that correct?

Thanks a lot!

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