At this point I have:
  • Upgraded to Python 2.4.2 and confirmed that it works by launching IDLE and seeing the correct version number
  • Run the installer Zope-3.2.0.win32-py2.4.exe
The old documentantion shows various bits about setting a username and password for the administrator, etc, which I do not get.  No surprises, this looks to be a major update to Zope from 2.x, which seems to be what all the manuals document.
I looked at the various README.txt files because the page where you download the installer says it is supposed to tell me how to do the installation.  There are lots of README.txt files.  I assumed this meant C:\Python24\zopeskel\README.txt, but that tells me nothing about running Zope.
The version I installed just to look at ages ago, 2.5 or something?, was easy to start and I did just that before looking for updates.
How do I start Zope so I can get to the Management screen or whatever and start doing some real work?
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