Hello list,


I was trying to run doctests on a formlib.EditForm-derived object, which uses ViewPageTemplateFile. The template then tries to access the object; and for testing I have override with a test template to exercise the object w/out too much html.


To set up the doctest, I use zope.formlib.tests.formSetUp (which calls placelesssetup.setUp). However, I have problems in the zpt traversing from “view” to anything else. (I get a TraversalError because cannot adapt my object to ITraversable).


(However, it works from a browser fine.)


I notice that (…).namespace/view is somewhere registered as an adapter for ITraversable. Is this what I need? Is there a convenience function somewhere to setup this and/or any other adapters I need to get ZPT running for doctests? Or how should I be doing my setup?



- Shaun

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