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> You can find drastic changes in the technology names (rather than
> the product names): e.g. COM, OLE, ActiveX, COM+

This is a silly pseudo-discussion, but I continue it for fun. ;-)

COM, OLE and ActiveX are not the same thing. COM is an object
component model, OLE is an extension of that for document objects, and
ActiveX is a set of technologies of which COM and OLE are some.

It's not exactly a drastic name change of what is basically the same.
Maybe MS have done that from time to time, but it's definitely not
something they do very often.

Examples of when things have changed name is when PCMCIA changed name
to PC-card. They have had to live with both names forever. I can't
think of any product wh has had a successful name change after it's
widespread release.

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