Hello to everyone on zope3-users!

I have a task of developing a web application bye the end of September,
thus giving me a roughly half a year window to learn Zope3 and develop
at least semi usable application.

I took the time and browsed most of the available Python web
frameworks, and narrowed it down to Zope3 and Django (possibly TG). I
mostly decided to go with Zope3 because it looks more like a complete
and homogeneous product, although still rather unfinished. Django sure
does look quite simpler with a less steep learning curve, but since I
have a time to spare, and I want to invest it in learning a good web
framework, Zope3 seems like a way to go. Those who think otherwise, say
so, it's still not late to go the other way :).

My first goal is to develop a simple encyclopedia-like web page, with a
page for adding content, one for searching inserted entries and a
hierarchical listing of inserted entries. Ofcourse, some basic user
authentication is needed, but nothing fancy. So, is there a
documentation/book/HOWTO anything targeted for us beginners that step
by step explains how to build a simple web site? Currently I'm stuck
with Zope3Book, but I can't quite make heads from tails :(.

So, what am I to do to get myself started towards developing my
application? Is there somewhere a nice introduction beginner-level text
that explains Zope3 fundamental concepts and some simple things you can
do with it?

I would hate myself if I had to give up on Zope3 just because a lack of
documentation :(.

Best regards, and thanks in advance.

Karlo Lozovina - Mosor

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