Stuart Bishop wrote:
Dmitry Vasiliev wrote:
Also I've fixed broken tests, added CHANGES.txt and removed "utf-8"
encoding because it doesn't work for me. For now the only reliable way
to set encoding is through the configuration form.

What was broken with the Unicode support? This change is a regression as the
client encoding is now stuck with whatever the default client encoding
happens to be set to on the backend and allows the situation where the DA
and the backend are attempting to talk totally different encodings.

It seems that 'SET client_encoding TO UNICODE' doesn't work as expected in our configuration (we use 'cp1251' encoded database for historical reasons) so we always got an UnicodeError with this option.

If there is a reason you cannot communicate with your backend using UTF-8
after setting the client encoding to UTF-8, then a better approach for the
DA would be to query the client encoding and use that which avoids the
possible mismatch (although this still means people are stuck using whatever
the default encoding is on the backend).

MySQLDbDa already did this but some versions of MySQL returns wrong encoding name (see so it was fixed to use getEncoding() method.

I think that input encoding name into the form not so big problem and moreover this solution works across different database versions.

And I really don't like error dispatching based on the error's message,
we need to redo error handling for psycopgda.

The only way of catching deadlock and serialization exceptions from psycopg
is by sniffing the exceptions. psycopg2 might do this for us by raising more
granular exceptions - I don't know. If it does, it will do so by sniffing
the exception messages for us because I think this is all the PostgreSQL API
gives you to work with (although thankfully the string is well documented,
at least in the case of serialization exceptions).

PostgreSQL have well defined error codes (see for example) but unfortunately it seems you can get error code from exception only in psycopg2.

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