I’m trying to figure out how to access a sub objects view class.


1. <div metal:fill-slot="body">

2. <h4 tal:content="context/title">Title</h4>

3.   <div tal:content="structure view/renderDescription">Description</div>

4.   <div tal:define="sections view/getSections">

5.     <div tal:repeat="item sections">

6.       <div metal:use-macro="item/<at><at>view.html/sectionmacro">

7.         <span metal:fill-slot="title"><span tal:content="item/title" /></span>

8.         <span metal:fill-slot="description"><span tal:content="item/description" /></span>

9.       </div>

10.    </div>

11.  </div>



I’m trying to format the description of subobject ‘item’ on line 8 with its renderDescription function, just like parent object on line 3, but can’t seem to figure out how.  Perhaps I’m going about it completely wrong.  Any help appreciated.



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