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> Hi,
> I'm a newbie to Zope and taking my first steps into this wonderful world by
> going through the book 'Web Component Development with Zope 3' from Philipp
> von Weitershausen.
> Up to page 94 I have had little difficulties reproducing the examples. I'm
> using the downloaded example code as described in the book. I'm running Zope
> 3.2 on a Windows 2000 machine with Python 2.4 installed. My browser is
> Mozilla Firefox
> Real troubles start with the code in paragraph 7.4 which adds a customized
> list input widget. The browser/widget.pt and browser/sequence.js files run
> fine when directly invoked from the browser. But when I run it from the Zope
> instance with the added browser/widget.py and changed browser/configure.zcml
> it doesn't work.
[traceback snipped]

I haven't gotten to that point in the book, but just now, I installed
chapter 7 as worldcookery, got the error, then went to
browser/configure.zcml, commented out the widget elements in addForm
and editForm, and now I can add a recipe, edit its attributes, and
preview it. I suggest investigating what's changed with widgets in
Zope 3 since the book was published.

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