In the spirit of giving back to the community that has supported me I am
making available a package, named montisite, that I have been working on whilst learning how to use Zope 3. I think it might be helpful to other newcomers who need examples just to take apart to see how they work. To that end I intend to provide more and better documentation to help other newcomers. The current version is functional but a bit rough inside. I have to go away for a few days so it will have to do for now. You can get the package and see example screen grabs at:

montisite is effectively a skin designed for ease of use by content
providers with little knowledge of web page composition. However, there
are also some features of interest to more advanced users:

1. An edit dialog with buttons to help compose image and link tags, amongst others.

2. A menu dialog that allows users to control content and order of menu items.

3. Dialogs that collect name and metadata for new objects from a single form.

4. Dialogs to cascade stylesheets through parent folders.

5. Similarly, although not cascaded, for Javascript.

6. A dialog to simplify allocation of roles to users selected from a
relational database.

I know I have done some things wrong, like use a content object to store information that ought to have gone into annotations, and my macros are not best organised - but that is what happens when you are learning to use new tools. I would appreciate any comments on the potential value of the montisite package - should I develop it or bin it?

Cliff Ford

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