How would I configure zope to use a different component depending on the

For example, the user would see same menu "Add Recipe" and tab to "Edit
Recipe", but depending on the folder, the recipe might stored in a
different table or have a different edit form.

In zope2, I would simply put a different database connector, edit form,
and sql scripts ... with the same name in the subfolders.  Acquisition
would get the right component from the context.

What is the zope3 way to customize the Schema implementation so that for:
recipes created in Europe_Recipes have different schema fields and are
stored in a different table (I'm using SQLOS/SQLObject for persistence and
would change override the base class with a new attribute for the table
name and more field names).

I've gone through both Stephan and Philipp's books.  Both
talk about local utilities, but how to apply to Schemas and their

Any help/pointers will be appreciated.


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