On Monday 20 February 2006 23:24, Deborah Pollard wrote:
> I have installed, configured, registered, named and activated
> ldapadapter  with Public permission. Ditto for ldappas.  Both are svn
> revision 41715. Both pass their tests. There are no errors when Zope
> 3.2.0 restarts. Everything looks fine, but Zope ignores LDAP and uses
> (or tries to use) Basic Authentication.  There seems to be a step
> missing somewhere, but where?  How do I get Zope 3 to authenticate with

First of all, HTTP basic authentication has nothing to do with LDAP at all.

Now to your real problem. Installing ldappas (which should really be renamed, 
sigh) is simply not enough. You still have to go to your local site and 
create a pluggable authentication utility (PAU). In it you can configure your 
authentication methods and the authentication data source, which would be 
your LDAP connection.

Stephan Richter
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