On Tuesday 07 March 2006 01:41, Paul Dumais wrote:
> I have familiarized myself with docbook and am gung ho. I am fairly
> new to zope3, so I will not be much help with content. I will be good
> at trying out things and keeping the document up to date.

Using docbook is probably okay for most people,, not for me though. ;-)

> I decided to go with darcs for now, we can move to svn if darcs
> doesn't work for most people.
> I have a repo at z3book.unstate.ca. You can do: "darcs get
> http://z3book.unstate.ca"; to get the book (but there's nothing
> there!).

I think this is a very high entry bar, since pretty much everyone in Zope 3 
land uses svn.

Also, you should explain how people willing to help can get access to the box.

> For now I am hoping to get suggestoins on how the book should be laid out.
> What about something like:
> << preface >>
> << Basic Usage >>
> << Framework Overview >>
> << Common Development Patterns >>
> << Content Components >>
> I really have no clue. I was hoping that a zope3 guru could suggest
> how the parts could be best laid out. It seems to me that it is very
> tricky to have an encyclopedic resource for power users as well as
> easy to follow trails for newbies who are likely to get lost in the
> woods.

I think by looking at the two existing books, you could come up with an 
initial outline.

> For those of you who have already authored tutorials, books, articles,
> tips, etc. It would be most excellent if you could offer them up
> (permission to use and alter, etc). Icing on the cake would be if you
> could suggest where in the zope 3 book you envision seeing your info.
> A cherry on top would be if you could update the information for the
> current release.

I think you should also announce the effort to a wider audience, i.e. 
zope3-dev, zope, and zope-announce.

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