On Monday 20 March 2006 16:11, luis wrote:
> > The principal annotation views (can you actually give me some names?)
> > could be easily fixed by working with IPrincipalInfo objects instead
> > IPrincipal objects. This step should not be too hard.
> Yes, that would work, but it'd mean that annotations will only work for
> PrincipalFolder authentication...
> is there a way to provide a , for example "contact" view, providing
> telephone, email, etc. and attach it to all principals regardless of wether
> they are principalfolder- or ldap-authenticated?

absolutely. SchoolTool has Person objects that are maintained in content 
space. You have several choices of connecting the person objects to the 
principal then. You could:

(1) Keep track of the principal id in the Person object and then listen to 
``PrincipalCreatedEvent``s to append the data. Note that the home folder is a 
good demo for that.

(2) Write an adapter from IPrincipal to IPerson that does the data lookup for 

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