On Tue, 2006-03-21 at 11:25 -0500, Gary Poster wrote:
> Ah yes, my recommendation was made too quickly.  The last two should  
> not have been there.  This third stanza would do the trick.
>     <content class=".catalogindex.NormalizationWrapper">
>       <require
>           permission="zope.ManageServices"
>           interface="zope.app.catalog.interfaces.IAttributeIndex
>                      zope.index.interfaces.IStatistics"
>           set_schema="zope.app.catalog.interfaces.IAttributeIndex"
>           />
>     </content>
> I made this change in svn.

I got the last version of zc.catalog from SVN.
This update is OK : Zope start is now fine !
But I couldn't test this code deeply because I didn't use any of these
indexes until now (but I could probably in a few days if you need more

> > After removing this modification for the two last indexes, I can  
> > access catalog's "advanced" management screen without error, but  
> > information is not really fine : on a SetIndex for example, "Document 
> > Count" and "Word Count" columns are displayed as "<security proxied  
> > BTrees.Length.Length instance at 0xb4dc052c>" instead of their numeric
> > values...
> Right, then it needed a declaration for  
> BTrees.Length.Length.__call__.  This is in svn now too.
> Try getting rid of your changes and getting the new version from  
> svn.  It should do what you want.

Sorry, but this update doesn't work : it's always the "representation"
of the method which is printed, and not the result of it's call :-(


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