Hi, Stephan.

I'm really glad to recieve an answer from you.

> On Friday 03 March 2006 02:46, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > and I've made an export/import view for that folder, where
> > I succceeded to catalog children. basically both uses the
> > same code. simply like:
> >
> >      parent[u'the name of the child'] = Child()
> >
> > What I'm missing for?
> > It'd be happy to hear anything you tell me.
> You are doing nothing incorrectly. The system cannot magically know about all 
> the sub-objects to index. It is you responsibility as programmer to tell the 
> system how to step through the children and add them to the indices.
> So you are on the right track! :-)

I guess that you mean to notify ObjectAddedEvent.

But my folderish content is a subclass of OrderedContainer.
I think that __setitem__() of the OrderedContainer cares of it.
and I think that's the reason of my export/import view works.
isn't that right?

Anyway, I tried to go through __setitem__ of the OrderedContainer.
so far, I found that ObjectAddedEvent is dispatched to the IntIds
in the SiteManager of the parent folder. but I don't know why.

Now, I'm continueing to figure out what is happening.
Any help appreciated.

Watanabe, Katsutoshi

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