Hi all,
I've been off working on some other projects recently (zope3 projects,
but none that involved specific logins and users, just data capture
from a public site), and just got back to working with PAU, and had an
interesting scenario presented to me.  I'm trying to sell a
co-developer on zope3, and we were discussing user management, roles,
permissions, etc.

after i finished extolling the virtues of zope3's user management
system, he asked the following question:

say you're operating a site as a portal to some set of functionality. 
similar functionality, but with different groups of people accessing
it.  as an example, say different civic groups around town.  the odds
of having a "john smith" at the Civic Media Center and a "john smith"
at Center for Cultural Awareness (I'm making these up ;) ) are, for
our example, very high.  what if we don't want to force each group to
maintain unique logins across the board, since to each unique group,
'jsmith' is a perfectly unique signifier?  what if we want to create
our login schema along the lines of "group, username, pass" instead of
just unique username/pass?  is this feasible?

I can't think of a way to do it, off the top of my head.  I admit, I
need to spend more time thinking about it, but I was wondering if
anyone else has come across anything similar?

Thanks in advance!

"All guilt is relative, loyalty counts, and never let your conscience
be your guide."
  - Lucas Buck, American Gothic
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