Andreas Jung wrote:

I am searching for a way to change transparently the storage of ZODB from
file-base to a relational database. In general, Zope books state, that
this is possible.

one solution:


Unfortunately, pickles are not even remotely a SQL datatype... :)

I guess many people just want a SQL backend to allow queries from third parties in the way they are used to.

If I do NOT want to be able to modify the data via SQL, and performance is not a concern (not huge systems..), wouldn't it be better to "adapt" :-) the data structure to a DBMS backend, with sane natural keys, but without the hassle of advanced integrity constraints?

After all, as Joe Celko says, a table is not a (file|class) and a row is not a (record|instance).. the structure we manipulate objects in ZODB is not always the one we would like to use to perform SQL queries.

I mean, not dumping the whole ZODB on the DBMS, but run a few SQL commands whenever an object "the clerks are interested into" changes its state or data, gets deleted or whatever.

This, and adding a dump function to wipe out and recreate the SQL DB should we have the need (structure changes, whatever).

I've yet to look at zope events, maybe it can be done without too much effort?

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