Frank Burkhardt wrote:

Does anyone have an Idea how to do this or do I have to modify
the TextIndex?
Idea: Write an adater which Adapts IMyObject to ISearchableEN. This
Adapter can be a function which only does the adaption chain and returns
the Adapter to ISearchableEn adapter.

Thank you for the quick response. Problem ist: there is not just ISearchableEN
but one interface like that per supported language (~ 10 languages supported).
I expect to write at least 20 content object types. It just doesn't scale.

Doing the adaption chain manually in a modified TextIndex is the only
alternative, if Zope is not able to do it automatically.

Maybe there's a way to leverage named adapters? I.e. look for the adapter not just by interface but also by name, and use a different name for each language.



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