jürgen Kartnaller wrote:
Jeff Rush wrote:

I need control over which namespace is searched, so I added a couple of
generic TALES namespace adapters.  Now I can do:

 <h1 tal:content="context/attribute:name" />

How about :
<h1 tal:content="context/++attribute++name" />

to -only- search for a name attribute, and (less frequently):

 <h1 tal:content="context/item:ABC123" />

<h1 tal:content="context/++item++ABC123" />

Thanks, Jürgen, I was unaware of those.  I didn't see them in either of
the Zope books nor the ++apidoc++ subsystem.

Now I'm a bit confused -- there seem to be 'publication namespaces' e,g. '++resource++<name>', and 'TALES namespaces' e.g. 'zope:<name>', and the publication namespaces leak into the TALES namespaces i.e. are accessible as shown by your examples, but I'm unsure if the TALES namespaces in turn leak into the publication namespaces.

And then it appears (publication?) namespaces are classified into several flavors, 'adapter namespaces', 'view namespaces'. and 'pluggable namespaces'.

I've looked for a restructured text doc in the Zope3 source tree that covers namespaces in a comprehensive way but haven't found it yet. We need one in the zope/app/traversing directory.


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