On Wednesday 05 April 2006 10:32, Jeff Rush wrote:
> Now I'm a bit confused -- there seem to be 'publication namespaces' e,g.
> '++resource++<name>', and 'TALES namespaces' e.g. 'zope:<name>', and the
> publication namespaces leak into the TALES namespaces i.e. are accessible
> as shown by your examples, but I'm unsure if the TALES namespaces in turn
> leak into the publication namespaces.

No, they don't. "publication namespaces" are just valid traversal steps 
(adapters). TALES uses traversal the same way the publisher does. The TALES 
namespaces are what they are: Namespaces (iow, adapters) for TALES 

> And then it appears (publication?) namespaces are classified into several
> flavors, 'adapter namespaces', 'view namespaces'. and 'pluggable
> namespaces'.

While this is not an implemented distinction, it is probably is a logical one.

> I've looked for a restructured text doc in the Zope3 source tree that
> covers namespaces in a comprehensive way but haven't found it yet.  We need
> one in the zope/app/traversing directory.

I totally agree!

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