Keith Bolton wrote:
The code used for connecting and retrieving data from PostgreSQL is quite simply this: dbconn = getDatabase('name_of_psycopgda')()
 rows = queryForResults(dbconn, sql)
 return rows
Running this bit of code fails about 3 out 4 times; the traceback: rows = queryForResults(dbconn, sql) File "/usr/share/Zope32/src/zope/app/rdb/", line 408, in queryForResults
    raise DatabaseException(str(error))
DatabaseException: Shouldn't load state for 0x28 when the connection is closed I've tried setting the threadsafety=2 on the database adapter to no avail. Has anyone else seen this problem?

I've seen this error, but for now I can't explore it much further. It looks like some deep issue. Can you please fill a bug report in the collector (

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