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I don't think so. The TALES expressions engines in Zope 2 and 3 share the
same  API. So all you need to do is to generate a custom engine. If the
Five  developers port the tales:expressiontype directive, then you can
actually  just use the code as is. ;-)

  - Is it the intention to use the Zope 3 ZPT and TALES engines in Zope
2.10? If not, are they scheduled for some other time? How much work is
needed for this to be a reality?

You'll have to ask Andreas how far his work is.

There are still some little problem when running the unittests for Five with the new implementation. I *hope* find some time soon although I am more than busy at the moment. Some help would be appreciated to get the stuff ready for the 2.10 release.


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