I've been working hard reviewing the source to understand
namespaces, and have most of them figured out but not all.

1. Resources are given a __parent__ so they have an
   absolute_url.  But it seems that views are not.  So
   they are non-locatable things?

2. I finally found the "+" view in container/browser, but all
   uses of it are as "/@@+/newitem.html".  I could have sworn
   I saw the "+" used w/o the "@@" prefix someplace but can't
   find it again.  Did I indeed imagine ever seeing

A non-namespace question that I cannot find the answer to in
either of the Zope books.  I've studied the registry code
but get lost in the lookup logic.

3. What happens if you register a utility or adapter with
   the -exact- same criteria including the same name?  Does
   a queryAdapter() lookup return the oldest or newest?
   Is that a legitimate way of overriding, other than
   using an overrides.zcml?

Thanks for any leads,

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