I'll try to explain that a wee bit more, here is the Use Case:

I have an IMonitorsContainer containing IMonitor(s).
When a user creates new Monitor instance (using "Add Monitor" on the web), the created Monitor should start thread and periodically perform measurements (configured by the user by setting some Monitor's fields) in that thread - until the Monitor is deleted (by the user on the web interface). Or until Zope is eventually stopped/killed. When Zope is later started again, the persisted Monitors (i.e configuration of measurement threads) should be restored from ZODB, create and start the threads again after restored, and continue performing measurements.

Florent Guillaume wrote:

That can't work. The same persistent object may exist in several threads at the same time, with a different identity. But it's still the same object w.r.t. the persistence machinery. (This is due to multiple ZODB connections and caching.)

Please detail a bit more what are your needs and use cases.


Alek Kowalczyk wrote:

I have an object which needs to be associated with a thread. The thread
should be started on object creation and stopped when object is removed
or zope is stopped. The object is persistent - there is a possibility
that it will be created by both web interface and when starting zope
(deserializing objects).

How to assure that the thread will be properly started on
deserialization, and properly stopped on object removal?
I read through documentation of Events and I suspect I might subscribe
to IObjectCreatedEvent and IObjectRemovedEvent for that.
Or will it be enough just to start thread in __init__ and remove it in
__del__ of the object?


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