> > I try to add a PluggableAuthentication and a PrincipalFolder
> > automatically. When I add a principal to the PrincipalFolder it works
> > fine, but the authentification of the User fails. When I add one more
> > PluggableAuthentication manually and choose the automatically generated
> > PrincipalFolder as authenticator plugin, it works.
> Did you have a look at this thread:
> http://www.opensubscriber.com/message/zope3-users@zope.org/3786410.html
> There I pasted an example how I did it.
Thank you,
I  have tried this example:

ensureUtility(bare, IAuthentication, '', PluggableAuthentication, name='pau', 
pau = zapi.getUtility(IAuthentication, name='pau', context=self.context)
pf = PrincipalFolder()
pau['PrincipalFolder'] = pf
pf_reg = UtilityRegistration(u'users', IAuthenticatorPlugin, pf)
pf_reg.status = ActiveStatus
pau.authenticatorPlugins = (u'users',)
pau.credentialsPlugins = (u'Zope Realm Basic-Auth',)

But I have the same problem descriped above.
Its frustating. There must be a trick to get it work.

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