Stéphane Brault wrote:
Hi Jim, the Items object is my object, linked to my items, table which implements the IItems interface I use for my form: from neteven.interfaces.items import IItems from zope.formlib import form class ItemsForm(form.EditForm):
     form_fields = form.Fields(IItems)
     form_fields = form_fields.omit('dateLastUpdate')
Items is defined this way: from zope.interface import implements
 from sqlobject import *
 from sqlos import SQLOS
 from neteven.interfaces.items import IItems
class Items(SQLOS):
class sqlmeta:
         table = 'items'
When I add this zcml declaration :
       title="Edit a Item"
 everything works fine from the ZMI (I created simple containers to test that).
My JSON server side code is: def getItemEdit(self, itemId):
         item = Items.get(itemId) #a sqlos function to get an Item instance 
from the table given its Id
         return ItemsForm(item, self.request)()
The fact is I don't use any page template right now ( though I might do this later to have a nice GUI).
Actually, you are using a page template.

Calling ItemsForm() invokes the render() method of zope.formlib.form.FormBase, which uses in the zope.formlib folder by default. This is where title_or_id is requested.

You may wish to set a different template for your ItemsForm class.

Have you tried subclassing form.SubPageEditForm instead of form.EditForm?

-Jim Washington

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