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Hi Chris. This is great. I was going to ask Philipp about streaming but thought once I had contacted you I would ask you since this is an important part of large file handling. Can you tell me how far along the ZODB blob support has advanced? Where is the project is located? I am keen on how objects will use blob storage direct with ZODB. I have been working with PGStorage and as an alternate backend to ZODB. I will be interested to see how blob storage will be handled selectively.

The zodb code is on the blob-merge-branch of ZODB in Zope's subversion repository. I'm not sure when it's going to land in an actual ZODB release. I'm fighting a bunch of fires at the moment and it's on the backburner as a result. :-(

In building a repository product for Z2, I was concerned about the number of objects per folder so it automatically generated new folders for storage to keep the number of objects per folder to a max of 5000 since so it is easier for os utilities to handle.

The blob stuff creates a directory hierarchy that should nominally prevent "too many" files from ending up in any given directory.

Should this discussion be moved to a different list?

I think this is fine, although the typical place for ZODB discussion is zodb-dev.

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