In z3, apparently you just return a file from your code and the publisher knows enough to send it efficiently.

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On Apr 20, 2006, at 8:15 AM, David Pratt wrote:

Hi Chris. This is great! I'll check this out. It would be great however if I could get a clearer picture of large file handling in Z3. Is there an equivalent IStreamIterator in Z3 or not? I am still trying to determine this from the dialog. If not, can someone please explain what had been built into Z3 to handle this. Storage is one half the solution and transporting the file the other half.


Sure. The best way to help is for people to try it out. There is a Zope 2 branch in SVN named blob-integration-test that I believe has its externals set right to include the "blob-aware" version of ZODB. You should be able to check it out and just run it. There are examples of blob usage in the ZODB/Blobs/tests/test_basic.txt .

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