David Johnson wrote:
We’re looking to hire a full time Zope 3 developer. I hate publishing on this list, but does anyone have any good ideas on where to look? Zope is relatively young and specialized such that generic job search tools are not effective for finding good candidates. We’re willing to consider any location globally.

I'd like to express my interest. I'm a contractor located in Melb. Australia.

I'm just finishing a 6 month Zope3 development (http://trial.fitness2live.com.au). The expected number of registered users over the next 6 to 12 months is 100,000 to 200,000. I led a small team of 3 python/zope programmers (including myself) plus a html/css developer and graphic designer. The system was developed from scratch to replace an older ASP based product.

I have previous zope2/plone experience and have been contracting in I.T. since 1988.

Best regards
-Tom Dossis
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