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i'm going to call a zodb query language zql for now, because i like it
and think it's catchy ;)  ...i know there's a java query parser called
"zql" also, but i'm not proposing a formal name, so i'm going to use
it anyway.  i'd think of zql as just an OQL specific to the zodb.

A long time ago Stefan Richter has written something similar for Zope 2 (can't remember the name)

zql> select * from myobj;
zql> grant all on mycontainer.* to 'user'@mysite.pau;
zql> grant zope.View on myothercontainer.* to 'user2'@mysite.pau;
zql> commit;

Why do you think it would be necessary or helpful to define a SQL dialect (which is designed for a relational data model and not for an object-oriented model)? The usecases for SQL are different from the usecases when you deal with the ZODB. I doubt that are benefits for real-world apps for such an approach.


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