Thanks for the link.  I know RH9 is ancient, and there are many reasons for
using a newer distribution, but I have reasons for not upgrading right now.

I'm using Python 2.4.2 and have no problems running Zope 3.2.0.  One question
is whether I need a newer version of Subversion to use the repository. 
Another is whether Richter's book is sufficiently current to be helpful.


baiju m wrote:
> On 4/24/06, Steven H. Rogers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I've installed Zope 3.2 and I'm reading Stephan Richter's "Zope 3
>> Handbook".  It seems that a lot has changed since this was written.  When I
>> got to Zwiki installation example, it looks like the Subversion repository
>> been reorganized.  I found Zwiki, but haven't been able to check it out on
>> Red Hat 9 system which has a rather old version of Subversion (0.17).  Any
>> recommendations on how to proceed?  Should I install an older version of
>> 3, or read the book without trying to reproduce the examples?
> For experimenting with Zope 3, better use to latest Fedora or Ubuntu.
> Red Hat 9 is very old, I think even Python 2.3 is not available and
> Python 2.4.2 or
> later is recommended for Zope 3.2
> Here is some quick start guides:
> -- 
> Baiju M 

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