If we are coming to commercial IDEs then Komodo is also a good choice
for debugging.
You just have to put it's dbgp module on the PYTHONPATH and use the
below small script to avoid some irritating deprecation mesages.

After this, you put brk() in you code and it will stop there. After it
was stopped for the first with brk() the debugger will obey all
'normal' breakpoints. I think it supports threading also but never
tried it.


import zope.deprecation
from dbgp.client import brk as dbgpbrk

def brk():

Wednesday, April 26, 2006, 9:58:52 AM, you wrote:

> On Tuesday 25 April 2006 08:27, Achim Domma wrote:
>> I would like to start Zope 3 with the debugger, set some breakpoints in
>> my modules and step through the code to learn more about Zope.

> WingIDE's debugger is superb. Once you set the thread count to 1 it should
> work. At some point we'll have to write a small package that installs the
> debugger hook automatically. For now duplicating the Zope 2 steps and the
> Zope 2 product is the way to go.

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> Stephan

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