I'm somewhat of a novice myself and big PHP fan, and I've found the tests
just as slow as restarting, and they don't always cover everything the way I
expect (although I think this may be due to my ignorance).  I spend a lot of
time in ZCML and they don't do so well there.  I think it is good practice
to write tests, but I've not worked up enough expertise to use them
effectively, and they therefore impede my development; I suspect my opinion
will change in time as I get more proficient.  I have found that you can
edit page templates without restarting, which helps tremendously.  The
restart process for me is about 5 seconds, so it's not that bad.  I've
developed a tremendous amount of code with Zope 3 in the last 3 months and
my process is then:

1. write code
2. restart zope
3. repeat

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> hi there
> I'm new to Zope development from the PHP realm.  When I worked in PHP
> I would, write a little code, save it, refresh the browser and see
> what happened.
> Initially I tried to do that in Zope and as you can imagine I decided
> very quickly that having to restart Zope after I made every change
> and then waiting for it to restart was just not going to work.
> (bunny trail:  I've got a 1.67 ghz G4 PowerBook with 1 gig of Ram, is
> " root Startup time: 32.328 sec real, 16.860 sec CPU" about where I
> should be or am I doing something terribly wrong if it's taking me
> that long to start zope?)
> After some reading it sounds like the way to go with Zope is to just
> write lots of those "tests", which run much much quicker.  So my
> development processes looks something like this:
> 1. write code
> 2. write tests
> 3. run tests
> 4 debug
> 5. repeat steps 1-4 until there's a whole bunch of new features and I
> can't stand not trying them out.
> 6. restart zope and try things out.
> Is that how Zope 3 development is supposed to work?
> Right now I'm concerned about what will happen when I start testing
> the security and the design (skin).  My guess is there are mechanisms
> to write tests to try out the the security settings but if I makes
> design changes I obviously can't look at those via the command line.
> Am I going to have to restart zope every-time I tweak something and
> want to see how my changes look?  Are there good tools and techniques
> that will make the "skinning" of zope easier and faster?
> thanks
> -jachin
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