I want to integrate support for a specialized text indexing engine into Zope 3. The engine is able to provide documents which are "similar" to a reference document.

First I had a look at ICatalog, but IInjection seems to be the way to go. Could somebody give me a high level overview on how to use / implement these interfaces?

I currently think about the following steps:

- Implement the index as local utility.
- Define an interface IMyStorageDocument for documents to be stored in my index. - Capture somehow if objects are created or deleted. Check if the object can be adapted to IMyStorageDocument. If yes, store it in the index or remove it.

Clients then only have to implement an adapter for documents which should be indexed. To search for documents one could access the index as local utility.

I'm still a Zope beginner and would be happy to have some guidance into the right direction.

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