On Fri, 2006-28-04 at 21:03 +0100, Graham Stratton wrote:
> I'm sure this is completely obvious, since no one else has mentioned it 
> anywhere, but I can't figure out what I'm meant to do.
> All I want to do is to beautify my formlib form.  I've created my own 
> template, and laid things out as I want, and rendered the widgets 
> individually by name.  What I can't work out how to do is to change the 
> size of the text boxes.  I'd have guessed that the place this should be 
> done is in the page template, but I can't see how I can set 
> widget.displayWidth from there.

I'm not experienced with formlib myself but I would expect the
easiest/cleanest way of changing the width of the text fields would be
by using a CSS stylesheet.

- Rocky

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