I'll answer to myself just in case anybody else will ever have the same

The problem is that I was adding the folder to the root of the ZODB and
Zope's concept of root is differente. The root object you see using the
ZMI in Zope is a folder called 'Application', which is in the real root
ZODB object. So this fixes my problem:

root = context.connection.root()
app = root['Application']
app['my_folder'] = Folder()

Hope it helps


El jue, 27-04-2006 a las 09:09 +0200, Lorenzo Gil Sanchez escribió:
> Hi list,
> I'm trying to use zope3 generations for the first time and I managed to
> get a schema manager working that support the IInstallableSchemaManager
> interface (it is just a subclass of SchemaManager).
> So I have an install.py module with an evolve function and it is getting
> called at zope startup. Actually it's called only the first time as it
> should be.
> This is how the little script looks like:
> import transaction
> from zope.app.folder.folder import Folder
> def evolve(context):
>     """Install initial basic data structure for the site"""
>     print 'Installing application'
>     root = context.connection.root()
>     root['my_folder'] = Folder()
>     transaction.commit()
> The problem is that after zope is started, I go to the ZMI and I don't
> see my new folder there.
> The way I test this is:
> 1. Stop zope if it was running
> 2. Remove var/Data.fs and var/Data.fs.index
> 3. Start zope
> that way my install script is called for sured since I'm running a brand
> new database every time.
> Anybody knows what am I doing wrong?
> Thanks in advance
> Lorenzo Gil
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