yep. that was it.. thanks!

I was using comments like 
<!-- ----------------------- Adapters ------------------------ -->

which is causing problems...I didn't know "--" wasnt allowed in
xml-comments.. I was even leaving blank spaces after/before the
openning/closing tags, but never tought of removing the extra '--' in

thanks again.

Fred Drake wrote:

> On 5/4/06, luis <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> I'm having problems writing <!-- comments --> in my zcml configuration
>> files...
> Does your comment include "--" anywhere, perhaps?  Without seeing more
> of the traceback and your ZCML, it's hard to say what's wrong.  It
> definately sounds like a problem with the XML rather than the
> software, since a popular XML parser is being used (Expat, in
> particular).
> We do use comments in ZCML regularly, so we know they're properly
> supported.

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