Hello friends,

I'm in discussion with a customer about advancing their existing Z2
application, which is driven by ZSQLMethods (they use ZODB only to store
presentation templates).  They want to make their site more of a web
service with various protocols, starting possibly with JSON-RPC and
later including XML-RPC, REST, and SOAP.  I laid out to them the reasons
why doing this in Z3 would be much easier, stable, and supported than Z2
and they seem fairly convinced.

ZSQL was never really in my realm of expertise, so I'm curious if anyone
else has tried to move ZSQL methods from Z2 to Z3 and what general plan
they used.  My mental plan so far requires rewriting the templates
somewhat and using zope.documenttemplate to render them, stealing
whatever bits from the Z2 object they like best.  They don't need any of
the traversal magic or anything, just rendered SQL templates straight
into the database and results back to the client.

They are familiar and happy with ZSQLMethods and they want to be able to
write their query logic in SQL, so they want to stick for the most part
with this pattern.  I did mention things like sqlalchemy and sqlos but
they don't want to take that big of a bite.  Anyone have a
recommendation or best practice or even better an existing product we
can look at that would suite their needs?



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