If have successfully setup zope3 behind a ssl-enabled apache2 (apache
and zope3 both running on the same host mousehouse) using ProxyPass and
ProxyPassReverse directives as described in Philipps book in chapter 17,
example 17.3.1, i. e. I can reach zope with https://mousehouse/...

Now I want to bind zope3 to localhost only, in order to make sure
it can *only* be reached with https://mousehouse/...,
*not* with http://mousehouse:8080 any more.
This should be possible (and is mentioned in Philipps book on page
303, "Only binding it to localhost ensures that noone from the outside
gains access to Zope directly"). I just haven't figured out how
to do this, maybe I have overlooked something. How do I bind
it to localhost only?

A related but different question: I have some xmlrpc scripts that work
in a fashion like this

    import xmlrpclib
    URL='http://user:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:8080/somefolder'
    book=xmlrpclib.ServerProxy(URL, allow_none=True)
    [do stuff with book]

They don't work any more with 

    URL='https://user:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:8080/somefolder'

Is there anything special needed to make xmlrpc scripts
work with zope through ssl+apache?

Thanks in advance.

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