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Siddhartha Azad schrieb am 07.05.2006 17:21:

> Hi, Yes I have installed zope-3.2. The worldcookery application stops
> working from chapter 6 onward in

Unfortunately you don't give us the traceback with the error message. I
cannot see any problem in chapter 6.

For chapter 7 you can find within the Errata on Philipp's website:

>> #
>> page 96, Example 7.4.1: Due to an incompatible change from Zope 3.1
>> to Zope 3.2, The custom sequence widget no longer works as listed.
>> Adding the following code to the widget class fixes the problem:
>> def __init__(self, context, value_type, request): return
>> super(DynamicSequenceWidget, self).__init__(context, request)

> zope-3.2 (attempt to add a Recipe results in a system error). I have
> found other people with a similar problem with the worldcookery code
> also. Rephrasing my question, suppose I have deployed a folder called
> "shopping" in my instance's lib/python. 

Here I have a problem with the terminology. I assume you have a
directory with the name "shopping" and this directory contains your

Or do you mean you have a package in your instance which has statements
for creating a Zope 3 folder with the name "shopping"?

> Suppose this has a ZPT called
> shop-viewer.pt. How do I view this ZPT in Zope 3.2 without adding it
> via the ZMI. I am unable to simply say 
> http://localhost:8080/shopping/shop-viewer.pt. 

Did you see the example 7.3.2?
Do I have to add a new
> folder through the ZMI and add a new "shop-viewer' instance to it? Or
> is there a way to access the shopping folder directly, once deployed?
>  Thanks, Sid.


> --- Egon Frerich <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> Siddhartha Azad schrieb am 07.05.2006 08:10:
>>>> Hi, I am starting to work with Zope3 am having trouble 
>>>> understanding a few things. I bought the Zope 3
> Book
>>>> and installed the worldcookery application in my
> what does that mean?  The book tells you to create an application
> step by step. If you follow these steps then you can tell us in which
> step is which problem.
> Don't forget the book is about Zope X3.0. Maybe you installed Zope
> 3.2 and there are some changes.
>>>> instance's lib/python directory and configured the .zcml files
>>>> too. But when I do a
> http://localhost:8080/worldcookery, I
>>>> get:
>>>> " [top]  The page that you are trying to access is not 
>>>> available
>>>> Please note the following:
>>>> 1. You might have misspelled the url 2. You might be trying to
>>>> access a non-existing page " I understand I can develop content
>>>> types and views
> and
>>>> ZPTs and place them in a folder as a package. But unless I have
>>>> made it through the ZMI, I am unable
> to
>>>> access it. Why is that? What URL should I be using
> for
>>>> a newly developed folder that I didn't add through
> the
>>>> ZMI but which is installed in my Zope Instance's lib/python and
>>>> configured in the  ZCML files? This is really confusing me
>>>> leading to a
> fundamental
>>>> question, which is, how do you really develop a website with
>>>> ZOPE? I would appreciate any help. Thanks, Sid.
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