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luis wrote:

are you sure? I tried with:

[EMAIL PROTECTED] ~/Zope3/src $ python2.4
Python 2.4.2 (#1, Dec  4 2005, 15:28:38)
Type "help", "copyright", "credits" or "license" for more information.
 >>> from import file
 >>> f = file.File()
 >>> f
< object at 0xb7cbad2c>
 >>> import zope.interface
 >>> class IMarker(zope.interface.Interface):
...          """Marker interface"""
 >>> zope.interface.directlyProvides(f, IMarker)
 >>> list(zope.interface.directlyProvidedBy(f))
[<InterfaceClass __main__.IMarker>]
 >>> IMarker.providedBy(f)

yes.. that's why I say that it seems very strange... the call to
directlyProvides works as you show with your example, ... *but*, after you
add your file to a folder, something removes the IMarker interface (or it
doesn't get saved for some reason )

That would be a bug in the container framework, something using directlyProvides instead of alsoProvides. What version of Zope 3 are you using? I think I remember something being fixed in that area.


directlyProvides( f, IMarker )
if not IMarker.providedBy( f ):
        raise Error
myfolder['f'] = f

if you put something like that in an Adding-Form, no exception is raised and
the object "f" is added to the container. so the directlyProvides does
work...but then, if you take a look at the object "f" in the zmi
introspector, you will see something like:
DirectlyProvided interfaces

so what I'm saying is not that directlyProvides doesnt work, but that
provided-list gets lost somewhere on the way into the database... (but if f
is  a Folder, then the provided-list is kept )


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