Hi Frank,
Thanks for the Zope3 Indexing and Searching HOWTO
I translated your page to english and was trying to work it out.
Here's exactly what i did:
1. Logged into zope3 manager
2. went to "++etc++site/default/" and created an unnamed initId utility over there.
3. added a catalog named 'catalog1' with interface " zope.app.catalog.interfaces.ICatalog" and set access to "Public"
3. went inside catalog1 and added a TextIndex with an interface "zope.index.text.interfaces.ISearchableText" with Field Name as "searchableText".
4. then went into catalog1 and clicked on advanced and it was showing TextIndex with document count - 0 and word count - 0.
 It means that the objects are not being indexed, can you suggest what the problem could be.
Than you

Sreeram Nudurupati
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