Hey... stripping the app down to nearly nothing helped to find a hint.
And I lied... in the example below I ask getFieldsInOrder for IPerson
which I imported in the same file.

> from zope import schema
> from schematesting.interfaces import IPerson
> class Details(object):
>     def getDetails(self):
>         fields = schema.getFieldsInOrder(IPerson)
>         data = dict([(i,getattr(self.context,i,None))
>                      for i in schema.getFieldNamesInOrder(IPerson)])
>         return {'fields':fields,
>                 'data':data}

Let's say I define a class variable schema in the content object:

class Person(object):
    schema = IPerson

and make the details view a bit more flexible like this:
    def getDetails(self):
         fields = schema.getFieldsInOrder(self.context.schema)

In this case the field description attributes are only accessible with the
permission zope.ManageContent.

I suspect this is a wanted behavior for security reasons ?

Thanks for any insights,
- Andreas

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