Hi Sreeram

Please always reply to the list, so that other people on the list know that the issue is solved.

Regards, Bernd

On 10.05.2006, at 04:14, Sreeram Raghav wrote:

Hey thanks Brend
You are right, the Field Name should be "getSearchableText", instead of "searchableText". The indexing works.
Appriciate your help

On 5/9/06, Bernd Dorn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

On 09.05.2006, at 17:32, Sreeram Raghav wrote:

Hi Frank,
Thanks for the Zope3 Indexing and Searching HOWTO
I translated your page to english and was trying to work it out.
Here's exactly what i did:
1. Logged into zope3 manager
2. went to "++etc++site/default/" and created an unnamed initId utility over there.
3. added a catalog named 'catalog1' with interface " zope.app.catalog.interfaces.ICatalog" and set access to "Public"
3. went inside catalog1 and added a TextIndex with an interface "zope.index.text.interfaces.ISearchableText" with Field Name as "searchableText".

the field name should be "getSearchableText" and is callable so you have to check the checkbox

4. then went into catalog1 and clicked on advanced and it was showing TextIndex with document count - 0 and word count - 0.
 It means that the objects are not being indexed, can you suggest what the problem could be.
Than you

Sreeram Nudurupati
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