baiju m wrote:
   Can anyone send me an example app where hurry.query  is used?
or is there any svn public repository with hurry.query examples?

The README.txt is enough for getting started, but I am looking better
patterns for catalog usage.

Recently Infrae released the Document Library. I don't know whether it's a great example app for hurry.query, even though I wrote hurry.query for it.

You can download it here:

You can also browse here:

One module where we use queries is here:

these are actually partial queries, and get passed to a another function (in, which then assembles it into the final query. That's a nice feature of having your query parameters be objects.

Note that hurry.query doesn't do any query optimization. It uses the underlying index structures as much as possible and most basic operations should be reasonably fast, though.

Patches that add query optimization by reordering query trees are of course welcome. :)



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