Both of the Zope 3 developer's books explain this quite well.  I think
Phillip's has the shortest example.  Skins are one of the few Zope 3
concepts I was able to implement quickly.  All sources will assume that you
understand TAL, and METAL. 

You can download the source from either book either of the Zope 3 SVN or the
worldcookery site.

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> Subject: [Zope3-Users] Skinning in Zope 3.3
> Hi,
> I try to understand how to customize the look & feel of my page using
> the new skin/layer implementation of version 3.3. I followed the example
> on
> kinning
>   but still don't understand on how to change the layout of my page.
> Could somebody provide a short hint on how to override
> @@standard_macros/page for the ShanghaiSkin in the example above?
> regards,
> Achim
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