Hi all.  I did a couple of screencasts for Zope 3:


The first one is primarily a way for me to remember how to get stuff running on Windows. :^)

On the second, I worked with Joel Moxley through a couple of iterations of refinement. I was trying to get as quickly as possible to pixels on the screen, not showing the "clean" way but showing the fast way, requiring as few new ideas as possible. Kind of the "see, it's not so scary" screencast.

The plan is to do a 3rd one, actually showing something cool about Zope 3.

I'd like to stick to the philosophy of short walkthroughs, not too many new concepts at once, little chance that the viewers can screw up doing it themselves, etc. "Dive into Python" is pretty good about this...for example, classes don't appear until chapter five.

However, I'd like the next step to get closer to the real differentiator of Zope 3 vs. other frameworks.

Any suggestions for a storyboard?


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