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thanks for the help. I was just reading somewhere that formlib is the way to go. Is that the general consensus?

The problem is, it doesn't look like formlib is covered in either of my books. Does anyone know of any good examples, howtos, tutorials, etc on it's use?

I did find this, which may be enough to get me started but I'm thinking more would be better:



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Hi Jachim

ForbiddenAttribute: ('street', <simple_abook.entry.ABookEntry
instance at 0x3afa828>)

class ABookEntryEditView(EditView):
     __used_for__ = IABookEntry

     streetAddress_widget = CustomWidgetFactory(ObjectWidget,

Try to use a formlib form with a correct setup.
Or check this part:

     streetAddress_widget = CustomWidgetFactory(ObjectWidget,

The error above tells you that you try to access the
street attribute on the ABookEntry instance. But your
interfaces describes that the IStreetAddress implementation which is
stored under the streetAddress provides this attribute.
So I guess there is a problem with the custom widget factory setup.
The rest so far seems Ok to me.

Roger Ineichen

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