[Stephan Richter]
Tim has not been updating them recently. After Jim updated the C code in the
adapter lookup code, they were invalid. Adam has picked up Tim's work there.

[Benji York]
As of 5/1 Tim was still willing to build them (as stated in a message to
zope3-dev).  I don't think that's changed.  If he happened to miss a
change requiring a recompile, just drop him a line and I'm sure he'll
update them.

I'm no longer routinely building, or running, Zope3 on Windows, so
I'll indeed only update Zope3 .pyds if/when someone emails me saying
that's needed.  And right, I'm happy to do so.

If Adam is paying more attention to Zope3, and especially if has an
automated way to keep his Windows "Trunk" zipfile release up to date,
that's probably better all around.  If that is the case, then I should
remove the old pyd .zip files from my member page, and plant a link
there to Adam's gimmick instead.

Adam, do you intend to keep Trunk up to date now?
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