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I have two content objects (both are containers) but I cannot add one
to another as give here :

   def create(self, data):
       square = Square()
       square.name = data['name']
       square.description = data['description']
       company = Company()
       company.name = data['companyname']
       company.description = data['companydescription']
       square['Comp1'] = company
       return square

I don't use zope 3 (yet!) but a quick look at the above code seems to indicate that this is not a zope 3 issue:

       square = Square()
This line assigns an object to 'square'

       square.name = data['name']
This line treats square properly

       square['Comp1'] = company
This line treats square as if it were a python dictionary (not an object, which it is!)

I think you need Square() to create a dictionary item within the object it returns and then access the list item by:
       square.compList['Comp1'] = company

Just a guess...


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